no one knows about persian cats (2) – why the director seeds the movie

کسی از گربه های ایرانی خبر نداره

No One Knows About Persian Cats

The director Bahman Ghobadi about «Why I Seed this Movie» :

«hello my dear iranian people.
i'm bahman ghobadi,
director of this movie: no one knows about persian cats
i'm very proud of that you can watch my movie
without pay any prices
it's solvent for you, and you can give it to everyone
it's because in iran our movies is forbidden to
show in cinemas
so watch it!
and i want you 2 things:
first: watch it in larger monitors and better sound qualities
and second: if you know a person that he/she works for underground music
like the children in this movie
just support theese children. they work in a hard situation in iran
without any support from the goverment and other Organizations
the future of iran is in theese children's hand and other artists
with special thanks»

Bahman Ghobadi

(transscript translated into english by Siavash Norouzi)

hopefully in a torrent around the corner very soon

excerpt from the movie and a trailer (embedding disabled!) on youtube.

we’ll see how long this embedded trailer is still accessible

… and you should read the interview Artist in Exile in the Austin Chronicle.