what the heck i’m doing here?

well, it seems i watch sometimes to much tube stuff. but i like it. if you don’t like it: get off my tiny tiny white space and get a cookie — or two. besides that: music makes my world go round. hiphop-dub-grime-reggae-punk-country-garage-electronic-rock’n’roll-swing-jazz-soul-surf-funk-psychobilly-klezmer. dig it.

this is mashup : the who boys!!

The Who Boys24 tracks massive mashups. load it while it’s hot.
The Who Boys – «The Good, The Bad and The Who Boys».

«What’s it all about, Alfie?» Alfie: «There is no point in describing this. All you can do is turn the lights off, put your headphones on, pour a glass of the finest wine, press PLAY, lean back, close your eyes and listen. Then you will know. The Who Boys are not a band, they are a state of mind. If you don’t get it now, you never will. As Syd Barrett said to Madonna: ‘You’ll never know, baby, you’ll never know.’»