Memetic Bomb

Take the time to watch the embedded 30 minutes video clip — it’s worth the time spend, promised.

«[…] one would think that this is what’s going on — this is not what’s going on. This is what’s going on on Twitter — maybe. […] We have a great conversation happening on Twitter about Twitter. There is something going on, but it’s not this. […]

[…] If they don’t understand what the technologies they’re using are for, it’s really hard to use them effectively. […]

[…] What is Facebook for? […] We all know Facebook is not here to help kids make friends, Facebook is here to try to figure out how to monetize relationships, […] how to put brands between social relationships and all that. […] Kids who are using Facebook to make friends are not really using a tool that’s devised to help them make friends and thus they’ll get a different result, than actual making friends, they’ll get the making of «likes» or shared «likes» or something else. […]»

Douglas Rushkoff

«[…] It’s so very very simple that it breaks their minds. Or they think it’s communist to ask “what value is created?” Or that I’m being facetious since we’re all supposed to know that no value is actually created. […]»

Douglas Rushkoff, comment on «Meme Hacking, Douglas Rushkoff Drops a Memetic Bomb on PivotCon 2010»

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What do you see?

one source says:

«Protesters stopped an army officer from shooting himself. Cairo, Egypt.»


but …

twitpic picture caption says:

«احد افراد القوات المسلحة يبكي امام احد المتظاهرين بعد ان هاجمهم بلطجية مبارك لما جاء الشاب وقبل قدميه ليحميهم من البلطجية ولكنه بكى لعدم تمكنه من حمايتهم ونزل على اقدام المتظاهر وقبلها»

via Google translate≈

«A member of the armed forces cry in front of one of the demonstrators after they were attacked by thugs Mubarak came to the young and before his feet to protect them from thugs, but he cried because he was unable to protect them and got onand before the feet of the demonstrator»


but …

comment says:

«false pic cos there was tear gas bombs from unknown source the soldier affected and thats a doctor»


[pointed to the picture by Sebastian Waters & fuck yeah middle east!]

Ideale und Twitter

»Wir arbeiten nicht für Organisationen, Unternehmen oder Personen des öffentlichen Lebens, die die Umwelt oder unsere Mitmenschen bedrohen.«

parismedia, website


»Wie lange muss sich ein Land von Robin Wood Öko-Taliban,Sittler-Sekte & Park-Stasi erpressen lassen? Heute räumen:* #S21«

parismedia, twitter

und auch …

»S21: Als emanzipatorisches Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Stuttgart begrüßen wir die aktuelle Schlosspark-Räumung!«

parismedia, twitter