the world we live in (now)

Years ago (18?) I played a pen-and-paper role-playing game called Shadowrun, «[…] set in an imaginary future where huge corporations control the live […]».

Skip some time to now. A corporate security division acts like an (uncivilized) official authority:

«[…] According to ND Daily, Sun Danyong, who had been handling a shipment of 16 iPhone prototypes, was set upon by Foxconn’s Central Security Division after one of the prototypes went missing. Unable to take the “unbearable interrogation techniques,” he jumped from a 12-story building on July 16.
Foxconn has already issued a statement apologizing for the incident and admitting that the section chief of the Central Security Division […] may have used “inappropriate interrogation methods” such as searching Sun’s house, holding Sun in solitary confinement and possibly beatings. […]»

source: shanghaiist

Who need states and countries if you can get the same w/ corporations? And what will Apple execs say?