BTS – Born To Skate


“Born to Skate” is a skateboard roadmovie. It deals with the last big trip of the skateboarders Sebastian and Chris. For Sebastian it is a quest for his first true love, which he forgot a long time ago – skateboarding.

source: bts

»Born To Skate ist ein Skateboard Roadmovie.

Die Protagonisten Chris Heck und Sebastian Linda machen sich auf die Suche. Sie möchten die Essenz des Skateboardings wiederfinden und reisen dafür um die Welt. Dabei finden Sie noch viel mehr als sie erhofften.

In Kooperation mit CinePlus und Farbfilm wird dieser 82 minütige Film im späten Sommer in Deutschlands Kinos erscheinen.«

source: fluchtpunkt

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x rated?


To: «R» like in «Restricted»

That’s what i gonna do to this place here. Ha! I just have to put some words in here. this shit is fucking hot: tits, babes, guns, violence and damn rock’n’roll. Like Ling from Deadwood would say to Al: «Cocksucker!» I think this should make it! And there will be more than one follow up. Btw.: Happy New Year!

Update: Arrrgghh, still PG — I have to shot the shit to hell. Still want a sexy R, better X. Seems I have to go to hell and fucking way back. Drop more bad words to steal the fucking shit badge!

Update 2: Done!