This is Buck 65 (again)

[photo: © by ryan couldrey]

44 days to go …

After Socalled visited Berlin two days ago, another canadian artist is coming to town: Buck 65. On september, 26th at the NBI Club. Be there or be square. Tickets to grab at Moutique Tickets for the low amount of € 12.

… and a load of 15+ freebies today

Freebies? Hell yes! Buck 65 released today some of his tunes at Soundcloud – for free, like this one …

… or that one …

Some (more) clips (moving pictures) here on Native Berlin …

… and yes, he is on my Beat Explorations list.

The official bits and pieces in the web …

  • Buck 65 on Twitter
  • Buck 65 Official Website
  • Soundcloud

    «(These Are) The Good Old Days» by Socalled

    I was witness w/ my camera — Socalled live in Berlin at the Jewish Museum. And the moustache fellow on the «Keepin’ it Riel» shirt — is not Mark Twain … it’s Louis Riel. The canadian Che Guevara? Anyway. What a great concert. 90 minutes of perfect klezmer-hip-hop-funk and some sidenotes about David Krakauer, the clarinet god, about Socalled’s (german) premiere release of his new four years old album «Ghettoblaster» and the still not (in germany) existing newest one «Sleepover» — and the record companies ;)

    Btw., what’s about «The Socalled Movie»? When does it get available internationally if not in germany? It was released in the US and in Canada last november.

    Some more photos, and maybe some more videos too, probably next week.