What do you see?

one source says:

«Protesters stopped an army officer from shooting himself. Cairo, Egypt.»


but …

twitpic picture caption says:

«احد افراد القوات المسلحة يبكي امام احد المتظاهرين بعد ان هاجمهم بلطجية مبارك لما جاء الشاب وقبل قدميه ليحميهم من البلطجية ولكنه بكى لعدم تمكنه من حمايتهم ونزل على اقدام المتظاهر وقبلها»

via Google translate≈

«A member of the armed forces cry in front of one of the demonstrators after they were attacked by thugs Mubarak came to the young and before his feet to protect them from thugs, but he cried because he was unable to protect them and got onand before the feet of the demonstrator»


but …

comment says:

«false pic cos there was tear gas bombs from unknown source the soldier affected and thats a doctor»


[pointed to the picture by Sebastian Waters & fuck yeah middle east!]