The Charming Boys

»Sons of Anarchy ist mitunter das, was aus einer unheilvollen Affäre zwischen den Sopranos und The Shield unweigerlich hervorgehen würde. Die Sopranos würden die Vaterschaft entweder abstreiten oder Paulie mit der Beseitigung des Problems beauftragen, während The Shield stolz Fotos des Nachwuchses herumzeigen würde. […]«


Passender könnte ich’s auch nicht ausdrücken. Danke.

Contemporary Eye

Sherlock Holmes re-invented — or better: transposed — into the here and now, today. Great setting, great camera, great actors and: SMS as a supporting act. Works. Works very well. Only three episodes so far, but hey, it’s only a question of «when» not «if» there’ll be a continuation. Btw.: Steve Moffatt and Mark Gatiss are the creators and the executive producers of this BBC tv show.

[hat tip to nichts]

Bigger Than Life

Sons of Anarchy : Jax
(credit: Frank Ockenfels/FX)

Sons of Anarchy is not The Shield, it’s not the Sopranos, it certainly is not Madmen. If I had to compare it to any other contemporary drama, I’d say it’s most like Battlestar Galactica […] SOA, like BSG, is bigger than life. It’s steeped in a rich, thematic, costumed mythology, that can barley be contained in its naturalistic setting. It is pulp, it is melodrama. […] it is a family tragedy in the spirit of Hamlet and King Lear.

Kurt Sutter

Bye! and Big Bang.

«[…] Do what? — […] Reboot the universe! … C’mon!»

Doctor Who, «The Big Bang»

I said it months ago and still it is true. The doctor is the doctor. And he’s good. He’s fab. This season ends w/ a big bang and if a season final starts with an image like this I know it’s gonna be fantastic.

… and after I enjoyed the final I found these nice posters made by Christophe Fresard