«[…] the story of Uxbal – a single father who struggles to reconcile fatherhood, love, spirituality, crime, guilt and mortality amid the dangerous underworld of modern Barcelona — all before his time is up»


Last night movie — or better: the search for the soundtrack — lead me to this hardcore-to-the-bone-and-makes-you-cry movie w/ the great actor from «No Country for Old Men» Javier Bardem. It’s another jewel from the mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu («Babel» and «21 Grams»). 7 out of 10 stars.

Update: Straight to the point in haiku words → «Ein spanischer Film (Biutiful)».

The Messenger

The Messenger

«Oh, they tell them to get ready when their kids deploy … but they never really listen, do they?

Soldiers go to war and everyone waves flags and applauds … look at charts, study strategies, have «informed opinions».

And then bullets fly and soldiers die and it’s such a shock.

Fuck that! What did they think it was gonna be like, Fear Factor

Captain Tony Stone

After having this movie — by Oren Moverman w/ Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson — a long time in the «to watch» list, finally we did it today.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

«Where’s your head?»

«I was wondering what it would be like to fly.»

«Why would you spend your time thinking about such an impossible thing?»

«Why wouldn’t I? My father said he sometimes believed in six impossible things before breakfast.»

A typical Tim Burton, phantasmagorical and a pleasure to see the Lewis Carroll characters getting darker through eg. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter … and the drift to more «Through the Looking-Glass» than in the movies before. Ay, nice one.

This Winter Movies (1)

  1. Never Let Me Go, UK 2010 · Mark Romanek · [trailer]
  2. Das Netz/The Net, Germany 2004 · Lutz Dammbeck · [trailer]
  3. The Fall, USA/UK 2006 · Tarsem Singh · [trailer]
  4. The Messenger, USA 2009 · Oren Moverman · [trailer]
  5. The Weather Underground, USA 2002 · Sam Green & Bill Siegel · [trailer]
  6. Gamer, USA 2009 · Neveldine/Taylor · [trailer]
  7. The Killer Inside Me, USA 2010 · Michael Winterbottom · [trailer]
  8. Green Zone, USA/France 2010 · Paul Greengrass · [trailer]
  9. Ewige Schönheit, Germany 2004 · Marcel Schwierin · [no trailer]
  10. The Experiment, USA 2010 · Paul Scheuring · [trailer]
  11. Accident, Hong Kong 2009 · Soi Cheang · [trailer]
  12. Shinjuku Incident, Hong Kong 2009 · Derek Yee · [trailer]
  13. Ugetsu Monogatari 雨月物語 (Tales of Moonlight and Rain), Japan 1953 · Kenji Mizoguchi · [trailer]